The Indian Rugby Football Union (IRFU), aka Rugby India, introduced the ‘Get into Rugby’ program in 2012- a World Rugby initiative, to promote and grow the sport globally. The aim of the programme is to encourage players of all ages to Try, Play and Stay in Rugby. Get Into Rugby promotes the values of the Game- Integrity, Respect, Solidarity, Passion and Discipline. The idea of this program is to ensure that children are encouraged to try Rugby in a safe and progressive environment. SocieteGenerale is also assertively supporting the ‘Get Into Rugby’ program in India. An initiative aimed to harness the potential sports talent from the grassroots in the country, especially at locations where resources are limited. Through this initiative, SocieteGenerale is committed to make Rugby accessible to everyone and build a strong national team to compete at the global level.

Try introduces boys and girls to the principles of Rugby for the first time. Getting started with introductory Rugby sessions. These include the principles of Rugby, agility, balance, coordination, passing, catching and teamwork.

Developing players’ skills, building their Game understanding and experience of the unique ethos of Rugby. Coaching sessions to teach the principles and skills of Rugby and a safe progression to playing the Game.

How to keep players in the Game for life and enjoy and experience the fun, fitness, health benefits and unique values of playing Rugby.

For an initial discussion on how the programme works and how it can benefit your community or organization, contact the nearest Rugby Development Officer (RDO) for your respective region. All contact details are on the website in the contact us section on the main page. For more insightplease logon to the Get Into Rugby website: